Scrapbooking The Verse Of The Day

One day, a boy in his plaid shirt and his scumble shoes, too good for all his friends, walked down the street shop every day. He had a secret, and he camouflaged it well without a trace of weakness to the world until one day, it began to be exposed.

Jesus Can Heal You

The devastating impact of the pandemic has changed Bangalore. The hit has been harsh, oxygen cylinders have run out, hospitals are running full, emergency beds are hard to find, the crematoriums and burial grounds are overcrowded. Not to mention the fear and the anxiety of catching the flu is difficult considering the current situation.  In … Continue reading Jesus Can Heal You

Easy And Tasty!

I discovered a new recipe during the lockdown period. It was an experiment. The final result wasn’t too bad. I came up with a simple recipe: wined egg sandwich. I heated up some red wine in a container and stirred in some freshly chopped onions and tomatoes. I added a spoon of brown sugar and … Continue reading Easy And Tasty!

Day trips from Auckland

I’ve always been into long drives, that coupled with some gorgeous mountains and valleys on either side as the arresting beauty of green trees capture my sight. Here are some exciting day trips from Auckland that I went on.

The Perfect One

Have you ever had a checklist? I was reading 'The Rosie Project' a little while ago, and like Don, I had a list of things that I was compulsively mulish about. Don was looking for the perfect life-partner, and he realised that the one who met all the criteria in his checklist wasn't his perfect … Continue reading The Perfect One

Storytelling Through My Sketchbook: A Cold Wintery Night

I was going to meet a friend for dinner. There's something about dinners: recuperating after a long day's work, swirling into a trance as the lingering flavours relaxed my cumbered mind, flying on virgin Pina Coladas, swooping the warm soup through my oesophagus in the cold wintery night. In essence, dinners were my favourite meal … Continue reading Storytelling Through My Sketchbook: A Cold Wintery Night

Storytelling Through My Sketchbook: A Critical View of David

For decades, people have told their stories in the most impactful ways. I remember swooning over some storytellers and sometimes, with some narratives, I found it so hard to connect.  I chose this story because I wanted people to view the other side of David. David was almost like a vigilante, a person who saved … Continue reading Storytelling Through My Sketchbook: A Critical View of David