Mother’s Recipe: Avacado And Mango Dosa

To begin the recipe, I’m going to start with the avocado and mango purée ( chutney ). I sliced a whole ripped mango and avocado, then I added some fresh green chillies and a spoon of jaggery. I also added a few coriander leaves and put them all into the mixer. I mixed it until it became smooth. Finally, I garnished the chutney with some cooked black mustard seeds.

Once the chutney was ready, I mix up some dosa batter and slathered the dosa batter generously in circular motions onto the pan. Make sure the pan is slightly moistened by oil. I cooked both sides of the dosa, and then turned the flame to mild. Topple the dosa to turn the white side facing upwards and then apply the chutney onto the dosa. Apply generously so the rims of the dosa are all covered with chutney.

Once the dosa soaked in all the chutney, I took it off with the help of a spatula and folded it on both sides. I dressed the dosa with a scoop of white butter on top.

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