How I Read & Journal

Sometimes, how you journal is how you do life. Knowing is half the battle. I want to take you on a journey of how I read and journal what I read. God speaks into your situation from his word, and I wanted to categorise everything that spoke to me, so all the information would be easily accessible.

Before I go into more details, I want to show you how I read my bible before I journal. I use five marker colours to code everything that speaks to me: purple signifies breakthrough, pink shows God’s love, orange highlights stressful situations, red for mistakes, and fluorescent/ yellow for instructions. Whenever I flip through my bible, it’s easy to recognise all that spoke to me because of how I categorise it. I also use page tabs to mark each page that is consistent with the colour-code I already have along with an addition (blue for God’s peace). I wanted to keep the meaning of the colour- code running along text-markers and book-tabs consistent, so there is no confusion. I found this to be very helpful, and whenever I wanted to look back on my mistakes, or revise through instructions, I’d just flip to the paper-tab.

I also want to talk to you about how I journal. I think we as people have our own set of weaknesses and strengths, and it differs from person-to-person. The important thing about Bible journaling is that all the information you’ve recorded, and all that you’ve learnt, should be accessible in a glimpse. The marker colour-codes, the paper-tabs, the table of contents of your journal help make this possible.

All the content on my table-of-contents are instructive in nature. For instance, ‘don’t be afraid to feel like you are second’ instead of ‘when you feel you are second.’ If I am in a hurry, and I can’t go through my diary, I can still get little snips of wisdom in the morning before I start my day from one page. I hope this helps you organise your reading. Happy reading!

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