Day trips from Auckland

I’ve always been into long drives, that coupled with some gorgeous mountains and valleys on either side as the arresting beauty of green trees capture my sight. Here are some exciting day trips from Auckland that I went on.

Day trip to Hobbiton

First of all, let me begin by saying, I’m not a crazy ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan or a ‘Hobbit’ fan. I did watch the movie, and I wanted to do a tour of Hobbiton, and it was worth it.

The 1200 acre property, a rolling grassland transformed into a ravishing landscape for hobbit homes was enchanting. These compact structures built in various colours and sizes constructed for the amusement of tourists is the central attraction of Matamata, a little town not too far from Auckland. On a whim, I wished to turn into a hobbit, or a pixie for a night considering the impossibility of sneaking into these tiny homes with my human size.


Day trip to Waitomo Caves

The trip to Waitomo Caves was surreal, as we manoeuvred our way through the cave, the glow worms coated the inner ceilings and edges of the cave, the fluorescent blue radiating in a dark cave as we quietly adulated our surroundings. It was one of the most unique experiences of my life. We were not allowed to take pictures.

Day trip to Rotorua

The ravishing beauty of the mountains and trees around Rotorua is magical. Known for its natural geysers and hot pools, such a wonder it is to spot seethes from cracks from the street you’re walking on or have steam spurting from the hot pools in your backyard! Yes, such things aren’t unusual in this town. But to have a real sense of what a geyser looks like, I went to the Pohutu, a natural geyser erupting to a height of 30m (100 feet), making it one of the most striking geothermal sites in the world.


The mud pool resembled the craters of the moon, with occasional spurts of steam, one could only imagine how cooked you would be if you’d ever somehow reach into one of these mud pools.

I set off towards the Agrodome Farm Tour to maximise my sweet interactions with little beings. After an initial show on how they manage sheep, I hopped onto a ride to take a tour of the farm. I’d get a chance to mingle with lambs, alpacas, sheep, goats and I fed them as they decorously waited to nibble off pellets from my hand. I’d timorously wimp out had there been any wild creatures or possibly even a mention of them, but its all good in this harmless land.

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