Is COVID-19 Prophesied in the Bible? Can We Break Prophecy? (Abridged Version)

It had been several months of being in lockdown. My feet had not felt the sunny white sand or the pellucid waters of another new beach break against my toes for a long time while I felt the austerity of the confinement. I hadn’t tasted the flavours of dim-sums and sushi while I sat against my friends cheering with my drink for a while. As a result, some days felt more melancholic than others.

On one particular night, I had a dream while I was in my little cocoon in a home that felt like a cave because of the COVID-19 lockdown. In the dream, I saw the word COVID-19 popping out of the biblical text, indicating that its a prophecy. A prophecy is a prediction about the future. In my dream, I also saw a man with his girlfriend in a mall, and she left his bag unattended purposefully in a mall, leaving him in a dire predicament because it carried a vaccine-control instrument where the vaccine in his body could be controlled through that engineered instrument in his bag. Someone took hold of the bag. An inkling hoovered in my mind that the bag was fetched by someone she worked for. The entity or the person that stole his bag entered his body through that instrument in the bag, and I saw him twirl and twist his wrist in pain. I suspected that the man who owned the bag worked for that person, or entity, earlier. Many questions arise from my dream: Is the virus genetically engineered? Can the vaccine control people’s bodies? Do they have an instrument to control the vaccine?

Many historical events have been prophesied in the word of God, and needless to say, and many have been fulfilled. Prophecies were broken in God’s word, too. Let’s take Jonah for instance, he was asked to prophesy to the rebellious people of Nineveh by God. His prophecy predicted that Nineveh would be overturned in 40 days, but the people of Nineveh responded to his prophecy by crying out to God in fasting and prayer. God decided to cancel the forecast. Similarly, we may be living in the last days close to rapture, and has anyone cried very earnestly to the Lord (the way the people of Nineveh cried for the city of Nineveh in fasting and prayer), asking the Lord to cancel the prophecy against the world, or do we feel secure that God will take us home in rapture? For those who don’t know what rapture is, it’s the sudden disappearance of Christians from the earth because the Lord takes them before the One World Order begins. One World Order is the conspiracy of world domination by the four horses prophesied in the Bible: the white horse is the horse of deception, the red horse represents conquest through war, the black horse dominates through famine, and the pale horse is the horse of sickness, and I believe each horse is purposeful in its pursuit. I believe the Bible talks about world domination because of blows and waves of control dominated by genetically engineered sicknesses, war, restricted food supplies, and enterprises and conglomerates working together to promote one world. The secret treaty that is made to deceive and wound the world may pretend to save the world to begin control over the nations.

We were living in an era of a new pandemic of COVID-19, and as controversial as it sounds, it could have been genetically engineered as it manoeuvred and orchestrated situations to align itself towards One World Order. All the horses have their role in perfect timing to force control over nations, and I believe it includes domination of huge enterprises and governments that work together to implement a secret treaty.

It’s essential to keep in mind that it’s imperative to enquire prerequisites to establish what you ask in prayer. Elijah, the prophet, prophesied a devastating prophecy against Ahab, a wicked king of Israel. In the book of Kings, chapter 21, verses 25 and 26, it says that there isn’t anyone like Ahab who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord. He was deplorable in his ways. After he received a prophecy of death from Elijah, Ahab fasted and prayed to the Lord to cancel his prophecy. Elijah got word from the Lord that he wouldn’t bring disaster upon Ahab. Ahab took it for granted, and after he received a word of peace from Elijah, he dishonoured another prophet called Micaiah and spoke to him with disrespect. Micaiah predicted disaster if Ahab went to war against Arameans in Ramoth Gilead, and Ahab did not believe the new warning given against the prophecy by Elijah concerning his safety but decided to go to war instead. Ahab may have been nonchalant and inconspicuous with his view of sin, lacking the ability to distinguish correctly between what was right and wrong. Furthermore, he did not enquire further what he must do for the full establishment of his promise in the longevity of time. Therefore, the prophecy against Ahab was fulfilled even though he had cried because it may not have been sincere. Perhaps, because he had made his cry, it may have been painless. He could have faced a painless death but we cannot establish that. He may have had a disastrous and painful death due to sin. As Christians, we must stand in the gap to pray for the world so the prophecy will be cancelled in wholeness against the whole world. In the book of Ephesians 3:20, it says God is able to do much more than we can ask for or imagine. 

Let’s take another example: Hezekiah became gravely ill, and Isiah the prophet brought word from the Lord to set his house in order and prophesied that he was going to die, but when Hezekiah cried, the Lord changed his mind and cancelled the prophecy. God broke the prophecy because of Hezekiah’s tears. If God could listen to a cry that affected only one person, how much more would he listen if it affects billions of people. Unlike Hezekiah, Moses did not cry when God asked him to die on the mountain because he was fed up with the people of Israel. Moses quietly died without asking for an extension, even though he knew the Israelites had a poor history of complaining and disobedience under challenging situations.

Sometimes, God gives a future promise, and we must be persistent and perseverant in our pursuit until we know we have achieved our goal. Jehoash, the King of Israel, was asked to strike the ground with his bow and arrow, but he did it only three times. Elisha warned him that if he had done it five times, he’d defeat ancient Aram completely (which consisted of states from present-day Palestine and Syria). I believe God was showing Jehoash his weakness so he could win. We must be consistent in our pursuit and enquire how many times we must keep doing it until we know that we have defeated the enemies. The One World Order may be a strong-hold developed over many decades through genealogical trails and nepotism. We must ask in prayer how long we must pray to break what must have been fortified over decades. Even if it’s in the far future, I believe God can cancel it. Let’s not abandon the world just because we may have rapture. Let’s take it upon ourselves to cancel what has already been spoken over the world through prayer because if we cried, God would listen and break the prophecy in the book of revelations.

The pandemic had changed the way we work, think, learn and produce. People were afraid to step out without being overcautious. The world had changed and adapted to the fear of getting infected. A website called claims there have been 6,803,287 deaths due to Corona virus so far. I reminiscence my happiest days when I felt the grains of sand on the soles of my feet, and when I watched the bioluminescent waves at night by the sandy white beach, and I think of how happy the darkest parts of the world could be because getting closer to breaking the prophecy could mean a whole new world: an insurgency of new technology hidden by the government for army personnel; development of underdeveloped localities and countries ignored by the corruption of the governments because of how invested they are in the secret treaty; restitution and provision for the underprivileged across the world. I imagine a merry world where heartbreak would be rare and peace would be customary. I imagine One World Order due to peace governed by our Lord where conflict between nations would never arise. I imagine homeless people warmed by the fire in their homes.

Healing Scriptures for the Quarantined


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