Dining Experience At The Sly Granny

Those who know me, know my weakness for food. If there are two things I love the most it’s probably travelling, and frolicking about in new eateries. Last month, I went to this place called Sly Granny; after having friends rave about it for some time, I thought I’d come check it out for myself. She will give you the vibes of a groovy space adorned in quirky interiors. The whimsical touches aren’t just in the decor but also in the food.

She didn’t leave me bored as I waited for my palate to be satisfied. The walls smacked my eyes with refreshing, bright colours; contemporary paintings hung on the wall; chic chandeliers were slung from the ceiling; and the comfy leathered seating was perfect for slouching into as I twiddled with my phone in anticipation and stared at the pineapple patterned wall (Clearly, she’s obsessed with pineapples).

When the food arrived, it didn’t disappoint. The variety of choice is extensive when it comes to dish options and exquisite in its taste. The food direction is unique and one-of-a-kind, completely taking me by surprise. The goat cheese with figs is a delectable appetiser; a generous portion of cheese slathered on the toast topped with delicious figs. This perfect melange isn’t too heavy on the belly. The gambas prawns will leave every seafood lover wanting more, with easy-to-chumble prawns drenched in olive oil, a pinch of chilli, garlic and more; one bite and all the flavour comes gushing into your mouth.

Goat Cheese with Figs

Goat Cheese and Fig New

Gambas Prawns

Gambas Prawns 2


The Sly Granny’s rendition of Massamam curry has an eccentric taste and is apt for those who want to try something different. The unusual blend won my vote, a touch of lychees and pieces of cooked jackfruit made this dish my favourite pick of the day. A little too ambitious for you? Well, the cautious don’t have all the fun, they say. However, Granny won’t let down the cautious amongst you either. Take the delicious lamb gnocchi for example – soft, pillowy gnocchi tossed into succulently tender lamb. The delicious aroma will permeate the air as your fork glides into the fleecy-like gnocchi. For the drinks, obviously I was going to order the Granny’s iced tea – the hopeless tea addict that I am – and it was well-balanced with peach flavours blended perfectly with tea.

Lamb Gnnochi

Lamb Gnnochi

When you go, don’t forget to check out the Granny’s terrace space with the outdoor bar. The thriving, cheerful, airy vibe fills the ambience. But, I’d be fooled to think that she is just about the plush decor and great food. She also hosts riveting discussions for philosophers and art collectors. Although, I have to admit that, for a foodie like me, the food has to do most of the talking, and it did!

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